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Published on October 24th, 2013 | by Dodsolle


Scandinavian Beer Weekend – Tattoos and the Swedish Beer Revolution

If you are in the region of Denmark and Sweden next week there are some bad ass events coming up. First off, if you have some skin to spare, take a trip to Mikkeller & Friends in Copenhagen on the 1st of November.


They will have the two renowned tattoo artists and brothers Jonas and Jacob Pedersen, from Crooked Moon Tattoo inking away on your fragile skin while you enjoy a Bourbon Aged Vanilla Bean Dark Lord, which of course is complimentary. All the artwork comes from Mikkellers own label designer Keith Shore. The bar opens at 12 pm and it’s going to be epic.

Also the tickets to one of the best beer festivals in the world are released on the 1st of November CBC – Copenhagen Beer Celebration, the list of breweries are growing every day, with everything from Funky Buddha to Närke Kulturbryggeri, so get your tickets in time!

Tickets are available Here.

When you’re done in Copenhagen, take a trip to Gothenburg for a celebration of the new and upcoming craft breweries in Sweden. The event is called The All In Beer Fest and is hosted by All In Brewing, a brewery founded in 2012 that has since been at the forefront of the Swedish craft beer scene. The gypsy brewery  led by the brewers Victor Dahlberg and Andreas Görts has since 2012 manage to collaborate with Italian Toccalmato, Norwegian Lervig and Swedish craft breweries Beerbliotek and Stigbergets Bryggeri.

The Swedish craft brewing scene is one the rise, producing everything from classic lagers to extreme sours, certainty the trendiest and most interesting right now is the development of sour beers. Many such beers will be presented at this two day festival. It takes place between the 1st and 2nd of November with 14 different Swedish craft breweries and a few other craft breweries from Europe, such as The Kernal Brewery. There’s a lot brewing in Scandinavia right now so keep your eyes open!

You can check out All In Brewing on RateBeer.

Mikkeller Ink Me.

Copenhagen Beer Celebration.

All In Beer Fest.

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Olle Andersson Vidén. Born and currently living in the woods of Sweden. This spring of 2014 I will finish my Bachelor degree in Sommelier – Culinary Arts and Meal Science, at the University of Grythyttan. I have always been interested of how our senses work and how we perceive the things we drink and I remember the first time I really understood the wonders and diversity of beer. I was a 15 year old punk, drinking whatever I could get my hand on, but one weekend my uncle decided to shop for me at the Swedish alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget that have an age-limit of 20 years. I remember he bought me a Celebration Ale from Sierra Nevada and my world turned completely around and was the start of my love for beer and the diversity it possesses. Since then my preferences has steered to the sour part of beer and over the past 5 years my acidity addiction has grown stronger and stronger. With the background of being a Sommelier my main focus will be towards sensory and the element behind how we perceive beer. It could be purely physically or socially. My job is to paint a nuanced picture of how we as humans work towards beer and its sensory attributes. Except my interest in the enjoyments of drinking and eating, I love music which is right now mostly focused on Garage rock, Goth surf and other stoner-influenced sounds.

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